Turn Website Visitors into Customers

Landing pages are an indispensable part of a digital marketing strategy. By enabling a website to capture the information of their visitors via a lead-capture form, landing pages are the heart and soul of lead generation efforts.

How do we make landing pages work to their optimum? Small Business Trends uncovers 20 magical landing page best practices designed to turn prying visitors into paying customers.

Landing Page Best Practices

Hone That Headline

A headline is the first thing a visitor to your landing page is likely to see. Avoid headlines that waffle, are weak or ambiguous. Instead, make sure your landing page’s headline sums up the content of the page in a concise, engaging and eye-catching way. This way, visitors will be more inclined to stay on the page and follow through the call to action.

Align Your Landing Page’s Offer with Your Audience

Alignment is a keyword when it comes to conversion optimization. Ensure that the offers and deals on your landing page cater as closely as possible to the requirements of your audience. Failing to provide an offer that caters for the needs of your target audience will result in poor performing conversion rates.

Use Great Images

Avoid overloading a landing page with images but ensure there is sufficient visual content to bring the page life. Including relevant and inspiring images help attract visitors to landing pages by making them more visually stimulating. That said, not any old image will do. The more original and striking, the better.

Position Images Strategically

Not only should images be inspiring, original and eye-catching, but they should be carefully positioned. Rather than placing images haphazardly on a landing page, position them so they direct the visitor to the call to action.

Striking images that draw attention to call to action help boost conversion rates.

Make Good Use of Video

A short, concise and entertaining video works well on landing pages and can help boost conversion rates.

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