WordPress is the perfect choice as your foundation for most new websites. Here is the concise step-by-step procedure to get started. See the full article here WordPress: What, Why and How to Get Started

  • Find a theme

  • Make a list of the pages you want like: About, Services, Mission, Products, Gallery, Videos, Contact

  • Understand you potential customers – always remember that your goal is CONVERSION (making website visitors into customers)

  • Configure your pages to focus on what you want the visitor to do – like buy a product or sign up for a list

  • Write text for each page

  • Assemble the photos you will use (1920×1080 pixels is usually the right size)

  • Find a good developer to make the theme your own

  • Have the developer show you how to take control of your site’s content or let them handle that.

After you launch:

  • Understand your potential customers

  • Create a marketing plan, A/B testing, funnels and landing pages

  • Enable SEO plugin and configure

  • Create a Google Analytics account (free) and connect it to an analytics plugin

  • Start a mailing list email collection portal and build your list with freebies

  • Plan, organize and create an email drip campaign

  • Reap the rewards of a job well done

If your are really tech-savvy you might be able to do this yourself. It’s not that hard but you will discover little things along the way that will take you hours to figure out. If you don’t mind then jump right in. In fact, the best way to do it is have a professional developer build the site and show you how to do the things you want to do yourself. The developer will be there for you if you need help down the road. Here at Kironix we set up WordPress websites every day. Some of the website owners will take over the everyday functions of the website – others leave it to us and simply email us the changes they want. Even if you have a WordPress website and don’t manage the CMS (content management system) yourself you will find that the charges for changes will be dramatically reduced by the ease of use of this amazing system.