Your Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Unless your website ranks near the top of search engine response pages (SERP), Kironix Web Design knows it likely requires technical search engine optimization and enhanced content marketing

We have developed a two-phase SEO and content marketing service that deals with the technical back-end adjustments to your website and a re-write of the content on your pages because we have proven that it works. These two phases run together and are carefully choreographed to bring you more traffic and more business possibilities.

There are no shortcuts to a good search engine ranking. Search engine optimization (SEO), and the results it achieves, is no longer a mysterious dark art. Google, and the rest, look for strong content to answer search queries. When a website has structure and content that fulfills the search request better than others it is presented first. Simple, and that is our goal. Lots of organic (free) and well-qualified website traffic for your company.

How do we make SEO work?

  • Collaboration – Our team works closely with you to understand your business and goals. We develop a unique strategy to increase your online presence and help you to rank higher for all relevant keywords and terms used within your company and industry.
  • Technical analysis and fixes – At the same time, our technical team does a complete back-end analysis of your website. We find broken links, pages not displaying correctly, duplicate content, misplaced or missing text and image tags. We also review, optimize and remedy all bottlenecks and errors we find through search engine reports and our own software systems.
  • Brilliant planning and writing – Our team uses software systems to analyze and find the best keywords for your situation. We also find semantically-related keywords that the search engines often associate with any particular query. We analyze the top-ranking websites for each keyword and our software tells us the framework around which we must write. How many words, keywords and other terms in a content piece, article or blog post will be necessary to establish your website as an expert in your field and gain top rankings. Our writers then use this framework to create content that ranks high with robots and is informative and interesting to human readers.

What happens next with your SEO Campaign?

This is a methodical, careful process that often affects traffic immediately. We have experienced increases in traffic right away from the technical analysis and fixes but, to be effective over the long term, new content must follow. And given the ever-changing search engine algorithms SEO should be an ongoing endeavor.

Our goal is to create stronger organic rankings and brand awareness which result in more traffic, qualified leads and sales.