How to build a modern, high-functioning website on budget, and on time.

Build a website and back it with marketing savvy, service and support.

Web design and its related services have changed radically over the years and that is because technology has made the job so much easier. Only a few years ago the process of creating a new website and web design involved many hours of design mock-ups to show clients who, quite often, did not even know what they wanted to see.

Now more than half the Internet’s websites are powered by some content management system (CMS) for so many excellent reasons, especially for small to medium sized companies.

Why WordPress?

Some companies choose to use platforms like Shopify and Wix for their website, but at Kironix Web Design, we prefer WordPress. WordPress offers stability, flexibility, freedom, reliability, and a vast ecosystem of themes and plugins that sets it apart. Unlike proprietary systems, WordPress allows you to take your website with you, ensuring future functionality and control. If you want the ability to make changes to your website without relying on your provider, if you desire a website with beautiful, pre-made templates that greatly simplifies the design process, or if cost is a concern, then WordPress is the ideal choice for you.

WordPress enables easy website updates from any device with an internet connection. No specialized tools needed. Simply log in to the backend and add/edit/delete content, generate reports, schedule appointments, and fulfill orders.

WordPress, the leading CMS, is free, with hosting, themes, security certificates, and setup as the only costs. Enhance your WordPress site with plugins, similar to smartphone apps, offering various features like SEO optimization, shopping carts, visual effects, and more.

Our goal is to find a highly customizable WordPress theme that appeals to visitors and converts them into customers. That’s call Conversion Marketing. We search for themes based on your preferences and offer support and modifications as needed.

Pre-made themes

When exploring themes, make sure to click on PREVIEW or DEMO to get a glimpse of how the theme will appear once installed. Imagine this theme customized with your own photos, text, and menu, although you can also choose to use the recommended photos which are usually of exceptional quality. Some themes offer multiple options for their setup, with 3-9 demo looks available for installation.

Custom Themes

At Kironix Web Design, we possess the expertise to bring your vision to life by transforming your ideas into a fully functional WordPress website. Furthermore, we excel in accurately replicating existing websites and implementing modifications according to your specifications.

What happens after you find a theme?

After selecting a theme, the skilled Kironix team will create tailored copy for each page, curate high-resolution photos organized by page, and customize the theme specifically to your liking. If you currently have a website recognized by Google, we will implement redirects to ensure that your existing search engine rankings are unaffected.

In addition, we assemble all the necessary components and incorporate various plugins such as security, SEO, analytics, backup, and industry-specific features. We seamlessly integrate your existing Google Search Console and Google Analytics, or establish a new analytics account if needed, to monitor and analyze your website traffic. This invaluable data helps us enhance your site and boost its performance. Moreover, we take care of setting up Google My Business to further optimize your online presence.

Best practices

Kironix Web Design employs the best search engine optimization practices throughout the build, ensuring proper page names, optimized content, titles, H tags, meta tags, and more. Even if content creation is not included, the back end of the site will be optimized.

Additionally, we assist you in familiarizing yourself with the site’s functionalities and are always available to handle any small changes or plugin additions on your behalf. Only after completing all this work can we discuss Google Ads and investing in advertising, as the most effective ad campaigns begin with prioritizing SEO basics.


Ready to Get Started?

Tell us your preferred theme or ask for help. Once we have that, we’ll determine setup time and cost, send you a written proposal, and make this a good experience. Trust Kironix Web Design to enhance your website’s ranking and maximize your earnings.

Common Terminology

MARKETING: Strategic Planning – Competitive Analysis – Conversion Optimization through A/B Testing – Social Media Consulting and Campaigns – SEO Consulting and Campaigns – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Ad Words Campaigns and Analytics

SEO: Content copy writing with in-depth competitor and keyword analysis – Semantically-related keyword inclusion – SEO monitoring – Technical backend corrections – Individual page SEO analysis and set up – Link redirect audit – Internal linking restructuring

WEB DESIGN SERVICES: Web Development – Graphic Design and Logos – Photography and Photo Services – Multilingual Support and Services – Video Creation

ONGOING SERVICES: Website Service and Troubleshooting – Monthly or Annual Website Maintenance – Domain Registration and Management – Managed Web Hosting – Transaction and payment Systems

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS): WordPress – Custom WordPress theme creation and modification – WordPress theme from PSD