In the online-only world today, for every business, its website is an important aspect in gaining more customers. From verifying the authenticity of the brand to relaying more information about the products that the company has to offer, the website has all the go-to news for prospective customers.

So, for every entrepreneur, in the idea stages of the product itself, the visualization of the website takes place. The tech team start working on the same, for during the launch the website is the only interface that the start-up has in front of the consumer.

While for every sector, the specifics of marketing changes, Entrepreneur India spoke to experts about the basic steps an entrepreneur needs to take in order to increase the traffic to his/her site.

Build a User-friendly Website

The basic of any website is to make it user friendly, so that your consumers can easily navigate through your site. Start-ups should design their websites and should ensure that the customer is not confused when they do come to your website.

By understanding your target audience and being SEO-friendly too, you will be able to attract a large number of customers to your site.

Get Hold of The Right Audience

Every other business owner is crazy for the number of clicks on his/her website. But Naren Krishna Madhurakavi, Co-Founder of, believes that it’s not just about the click but about the relevant clicks. What should matter to the entrepreneur is whether the right audience is coming to the website.

“You have to properly define your target audience, as then you know that the desired customer is reaching out to you. The same also helps you design paid campaigns better,” said Madhurakavi.