• Kironix Builds Special Websites


    The artistic design and creation of a website is only one of the many aspects necessary for success. Choose a company that understands their business and yours too. This mixture of tech, art, marketing and psychology is what it takes and Kironix has the experience.

  • Kironix Owns The Skyline


    When building owners, REITs and managers in Los Angeles and San Diego wanted to show off their buildings in the best light they called us and we created some real skyscrapers.

  • Kironix 53-Stories High


    The new owners bought the building and signed a major new tenant. They couldn't wait to brand the building with that new logo. Unfortunately, the signage would cost $500,000 and take six months to complete. We were able to put on the new logo in one day and satisfied their marketing department's needs.

  • The Best For The Best


    Lily Jack is one of the premiere hospitality furniture manufacturers in the world and their customer list reads like a Who's Who of 5-star hotels and restaurants worldwide. They required the highest level of design control and chose to do their website in Flash to maximize flexibility. Now that Smartphone and tablet visitors are rapidly growing, and very important to their business, we created a database driven site that's compatible with any device.

  • For Professionals


    Kironix has been creating and maintaining website for doctors, lawyers and accounting professionals for years. We understand their needs and are able to develop simple as well as complex and content-rich websites to help bring in traffic and provide information for their clients.

  • Websites for High Tech Providers


    Americom is a leading telecommunications company in southern California and needed a site to show prospects what they offer. On this we did a Flash-powered push button telephone dial as their menu. Trick, imaginative and they still like it.

  • Telecommunications Industry Style


    ITS is another powerhouse telecommunications provider in California doing hardware and data services for some of the largest businesses in the country. They chose Kironix to give them the professional look they wanted and it's still relevant today.

  • Above the Skyline


    Rise above the skyline and head into the Inner Sky. The owner is a yoga teacher, Zen Buddhist Chaplain and an amazing person who had an artistic inspiration for his website and we were please he chose us to help bring it alive. Nothing fancy but serene with animated movement based upon still photo sequences.

  • A Yoga Teacher


    This older site has been a remarkable attention-getter for Jessica and still shines above most personal services-type sites. People love it and with our help she spent years on the first page of Google's organic search returns. We even selected and registered the name for her.

  • On Wheels


    Paul from Rock Store Photos wanted a site to showcase his action photography. We linked it with his work on Flickr and made him happy. We've also done websites for automotive and motorcycle dealers and service shops.

  • On The Snake


    The Rock Store in Cornell (Malibu), California is arguably the most famous motorcycle rider hangout in the world and is at one end of "The Snake," a 2.5 mile section of Mulholland Highway thought by many to be their own personal racetrack. More celebrities and hipsters per square foot than anywhere this side of Sunset Strip. Perhaps not along your line of big business but we took their ancient website and gave it pizzaz.



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If your goal is to succeed on the Internet we can provide you with one point of reference to handle your entire job with no excuses or need for you to deal with too many vendors.

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  • Social Network Marketing
  • Multilingual Support and Services
  • Graphic Design and Logo Services
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  • Integration of ecommerce and real-time accounting systems
  • Programming in Microsoft SQL Server, Linux MySQL and other databases
  • Integrate your website with your company network and email server


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Kironix Incorporated has been providing complete website and programming solutions since 1986. We design websites to fulfill your plans and dreams. From mission evaluation through planning, art, design, programming and marketing development, we make your website work for you.

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