Web Design for 2020 and Beyond

How to build a modern, high-functioning website on budget, on time and save money.

Build a website and back it with marketing savvy, service and support.

Web design and its related services have changed radically over the years and that is because technology has made the job so much easier. Only a few years ago the process of creating a new website and web design involved many hours of design mock-ups to show clients who, quite often, did not even know what they wanted to see.

Now more than half the Internet’s websites are powered by some content management system (CMS) for so many excellent reasons, especially for small to medium sized companies.

Why WordPress?

Some companies try their luck in-house with the likes of Shopify and Wix. They are good platforms and we work with them but we prefer WordPress for its stability, flexibility, freedom, reliability and huge ecosystem of themes and plugins, but more on that down the page. The other services are proprietary systems that may not offer a function you need in the future and will not allow you to take your website with you if you leave them.

Do you want to make changes to your website yourself without contacting your provider? Do you want to create a website with beautiful, pre-made templates so the actual design phase is practically eliminated? Is cost a concern? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are a candidate for WordPress.

WordPress will give you and your teammates the ability to make changes on the website with only a browser and connection to the internet, even from your smartphone. No professional tools are needed. You simply login to the backend and add/edit/delete content on any device, run reports, make appointments, fulfill orders, whatever. WordPress is the most popular CMS with millions of websites using their program… and it’s free.

You only pay for hosting, theme, security certificate and setup. With thousands of WordPress plugins (like apps for your smartphone) we have the ability to add functionality (like SEO, shopping cart, light box, visual effects, security, backups, blogs, advertising, traffic analytics and so much more) to a WordPress site without the cost of old-school programming.

Next, we help you find a WordPress theme which really is a fully designed template with look, feel and lots of functionality (like forms, appointments, mobile friendly, sliders, effects and more). These themes are completely customizable but we look for one to use that is pleasing to your eye and has an effective layout to achieve your goal, which is attracting visitors then turning them into customers. That’s called conversion marketing and that is our focus.

We often start a theme search by Googling “Wordpress themes for YOUR-BUSINESS-TYPE” and got through the search returns. Some theme authors are bigger than others. Some provide more updates and support than others. We recommend that our clients send us a few links to the themes they like because we can check out any concerns they may have. We know many good theme authors and even if the theme never gets updated all WordPress is written in the common PHP language and we can always make our own changes to support your needs.

How to find a great theme.

When looking at a theme be sure to click PREVIEW or DEMO to see what that theme will look like when installed. Also, envision this theme with YOUR photos and text and menu, etc. although you may use the photos they have if you like them. They’re often quite good. Some themes will have more than one choice as to how their theme will setup. We’ve seen themes with 3-9 demo looks, any of which can be installed. Also see.

Custom themes

We can even create a fully functional WordPress website from a Photoshop or InDesign file. We can also copy an existing site precisely or mostly with changes you dictate.

What happens after you find a theme?

After deciding on a theme you, or most likely the Kironix team, will then write copy for each page, put together HD photos, organized by page and customize the theme for you. If you have an existing website that Google knows about we will create redirects which tell all search engines the name and location of new pages so that we don’t mess up any good search engine rankings you already have.

We put it all together then add a number of plugins like security, SEO, analytics, backup and any industry-related items. We integrate your existing Google Search Console and Google Analytics (or start a new analytics account for you) to your new site to track and analyze your traffic and help us improve the site. We make sure Google My Business is set up.

Best practices.

Please keep in mind that best search engine optimization practices will be used throughout the build. Proper page names, optimized content, titles, H tags, meta tags and more will be executed throughout. So even if we don’t do content the back end of the site will be optimized.

We then help you get acclimated to the workings of the site and are always available to do the small changes you don’t care to do yourself or the additions of plugins for new effects.

Once all this work is done, then, and only then, can we talk about Google Ads and spending money for advertising. The most effective ad campaigns begin with the SEO basics first.

Shall we begin? The next step is for you to tell us which theme you like or ask for help. Once we have that we can determine time to setup and cost. We will then send you a written proposal and move ahead from there. We will help make this a good experience and get this website ranked higher to help make you more money.


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